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    WiFi Guest Control & Marketing


    If having the best choice isn’t an option for you, then this system is definitely what you need. We’ve partnered with Attrelogix’s EaziWi5 2.0 to bring you a technologically advanced cloud network management platform. It has all of the latest gadgets that’ll help simplify deployment, monitor, and manage single-site or geographically distributed multi-sites, whether wired or wireless. Administrators will be able to manage all networks from anywhere using a user-friendly web interface to have a bird’s eye view of all networks, locations, zones, wireless access points (Aps), switches, Wi-Fi clients and a whole lot more.


    This custom-branded WiFi marketing platform is 100% yours to own and customise. You’ll be able to freely and easily configure the entire end-to-end client and guest experience to your liking, with powerful guest WiFi analytics to capture your customer insights in real-time including demographics, behaviour, trends and more.


    All of these translates to your business being able to have have all it needs to deliver the right products and services to the right audience. Get more leads and ultimately sales by gaining valuable information through this innovative service. Contact us today to see how it’ll work for your marketing endeavours.

    Let our professionals take your business to the next level.