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    Business WiFi


    Everything is wireless these days, your phone, laptop, PC and TV. Even your fridge can require a strong and secure wireless function. DATAONE are here to help you get set up with a wireless network that will serve your business.


    No more dead spots and multiple networks as our mesh network solutions eliminates this by blanketing your entire building in one integrated wireless network


    Reap the benefits of having a problem-free, seamless and smarter WiFi experience with DATAONE’s expert engineering services, innovative software and turnkey WiFi subscriptions.

    Plan the optimal WiFi design from the get-go

    Bad WiFi designs are the main cause of WiFi problems. Call us to plan out a predictive WiFi design or on-location WiFi site survey to guarantee a problem-free WiFi experience.

    Top-tier performance with peace of mind

    DATAONE couples our deep understanding of I.T. with modern technology to erase one of the biggest challenges businesses face – not having the right wireless network design. Just send us an enquiry on how we can support your unique requirements.

    Troubleshoot and improve your existing wireless networks

    Leave it to us to diagnose and fix even the most complex of problems, from basic WiFi performance assessments to complete solutions.

    Let our professionals take your business to the next level.